Scenario Learning

Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus

What was true in 500 B.C. is still true today. Whether you are making decisions about future markets, strategy, or tactics, if you are using current conditions for your analysis you are already off course.

Scenario learning extracts the full value from our rigorous market research and benefit-cost analysis. Market Logics works with your managers to build robust scenarios by blending our market research findings with your team’s creative thinking. These are not predictions of what will be, but possibilities about what could be. It turns out there are not really any surprises. Events or conditions are treated like surprises because the warning signs were ignored. Market Logics uses scenario development to identify key indicators that can trigger a change, or changes, so organizations can learn about them and plan responses before they occur.

This approach is not revolutionary, but it does take a commitment to devote time and resources to the process.

Climate change is the most recent example where scenario learning can affect the sustainability of initiatives or organizations. Resiliency, mitigation, and sustainability – there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen, when the effects will be felt, and what the ripple effect will be. We will help you identify key trigger events to watch for, indicators that support certain outcomes, and the steps to take that are unique for your business.

How you benefit
Combining market research and benefit-cost analysis to develop scenarios provides the foundation for,

1) Understanding the influence of external trends and events.
2) Identifying the early warning signs of future events.
3) Developing metrics to move from monitoring to action.
4) Preparing action plans for each scenario.

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