Program Evaluation

Market Logics conducts several types of evaluations for profit and mission driven organizations. Our approach is driven by the questions being asked, client needs, and available resources. These usually come down to two types of evaluation research,

Impact Evaluation – this approach explores and documents the intended, and unintended, changes that occurred from an intervention. It also determines whether these changes can be attributed to that particular intervention or to other factors. These evaluations are most often used to support broader evidence-based policy making decisions.

Process Evaluation – this approach maps relationships between intervention elements and recorded outcomes. It includes a review of planning, implementation, monitoring, quality, and learning activities. A process evaluation can be conducted during the implementation of an activity (to make mid-course adjustments) or after its conclusion, to learn what worked and what did not.

How you benefit
Reviewing a program (or initiative) through an objective third-party provides several benefits to program implementors. Evaluation,

1) Increases the chances for a successful outcome by assessing the program from multiple perspectives.
2) Identifies which elements of the program are working, are not working and most importantly… why?
3) When combined with benefit-cost analysis helps determine value for money – often referred to as “bang for buck”.

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