Project Management

Organizations differ by size, industry, and other factors. Regardless of these characteristics the key to delivering unique research projects on time and within budget is a strong project management structure. We can support you with planning, through initiation, implementation, monitoring and control, and closing your project.

Market Logics values open and honest communication above all. Our specific approach to project management is method agnostic. This flexibility allows us to apply the right structure to help you achieve your project and organization goals.

How you benefit
Following a project management structure helps avoid many common project pitfalls. Benefits of this approach include,

1) Define clear objectives and facilitate organizational “buy-in” early. Without management backing the project is doomed to failure.
2) Create clear roles and responsibilities so tasks do not fall through the cracks.
3) Practical resource allocation, scheduling, and timelines so expectations are realistic.
4) Formalized tracking and quality assurance to provide early warning.
5) A process to identify and deal with risk and change orders since they inevitably come up.
6) A communication plan to make sure the team and stakeholders are on the same page.

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